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The Family Endorsement Protection: SEF 44

Posted by Stacey England on 9 April 2014

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The Family Endorsement Protection is an endorsement designed to provide additional insurance benefits to an injured and his or her immediate family members. These benefits provide coverage for injuries or death, arising from a motor vehicle accident, in circumstances where the wrongdoer is either not insured or is not adequately insured. It is optional coverage for which a premium is paid in addition to the premium paid for coverage purchased under the standard automobile coverage. The essence of the endorsement is that the insured protects himself from the risk of being injured by an inadequately insured motorist.

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Owner's Liabiltiy for Operation of a Family Vehicle

Posted by Michael Brooker, Q.C. on 2 April 2014

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Recent amendments to the Motor Vehicle Act and the Insurance Act may change the way our Supreme Court will have to consider whether the owner of a family vehicle is liable for damages caused by the operator of such a vehicle.

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