Do's and Don'ts

Motor Vehicle Accident Do’s & Don’ts
  1. Report the accident to your own insurer immediately. Do not talk about the accident with anyone other than the insurance adjuster appointed on behalf of your own insurance company (or the insurance company of the vehicle in which you were a passenger.)

  2. Do not sign any documents concerning the accident except for those requested by your own adjuster and then obtain a copy for your lawyer’s records.

  3. If you have been injured consult with a lawyer immediately.

  4. Keep your lawyer advised of any court proceedings concerning your accident.

  5. Forward directly to your lawyer any correspondence you receive relating to the accident, your injuries or expenses.

  6. Save all bills, however, modest, associated with your injuries.

  7. Advise your lawyer of any new doctor you see and keep him/her advised of any new treatments you undergo or of any marked change in your condition.

  8. Keep a written diary or calendar of your health and medical problems so that you will have a written record of your medical progress. Keep this record on a simple calendar and mark in the problems which you experience on a daily basis.